Legally compliant company work safety with reunas - workplace safety

"Nothing's ever happened to us before!"
That should stay the same, but can you rule out that nothing happens in the future?

    reunas is specialized in consulting in the sector of work safety, environmental protection and work management systems.
    You profit from our many years of experience, which puts theory into practice - and not vice versa. We are always guided by legal progress and work with you to develop a solution tailored to your business.


    … provide legal security for your company.
    … talk to all participants on site, analyse, develop and advise in a target-oriented way.
    … have a broad expertise of possible risks and practical measures.
    … help you to set up and implement a customized solution for your company.
    … provide support with trainings, operating instructions and risk assessments.
    … help with prevention.
    … advise you on all operational matters relating to work safety, environmental protection and data protection.


Work safety starts with knowledge of human nature and good communication. We have been able to collect these through our many years of work with many cultures and nationalities.