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Registration Trade association health services and Welfare care

reunas is registered in in the trade association health services and Welfare care by participation in training courses. Each branch has its own special characteristics, which have to be considered. You will benefit from our many years of experience.

Our services  - your advantage

We support you:

  • Inspection and observation of the lived practice and its evaluation
  • Establishment of trainings and implementation them
  • Preparation of company instructions
  • prevention
  • Motivate people to behave in a safe and healthy manner
  • Work towards safe and healthy behaviour, taking into account the necessary PSA.

You can also find a wide range of information on the homepage of the Trade association health services and Welfare care:
-> Healthy at work
-> Hygiene and infection protection
-> hand hygiene

The topic is particularly vivid in the short Youtube video embedded on the website.
Source: DGUV work & health 5/2018


We are happy to support you in the prevention of working accidents. Please do not hesitate to send us an email or call us.