Work safety instruction and Refresher

Every branches has its own sources of danger and "stumbling blocks". Certain contents of the instruction apply to all branches. In addition, we can specifically address your operational characteristics and special "stumbling blocks".  The exchange of experience with practical case studies should not be neglected either.

In accordance with § 12 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, you are obliged to inform your employees sufficiently and appropriately about safety and health protection at work. This must take place:

before starting work
in the event of changes in the areas of responsibility
after accidents
the introduction of new tools and technologies

Through regular safety trainings, you raise the awareness of your employees and improve the safety measures in the company. The refresher course must take place at least once a year.

Schedule of the training

We will come to your company and carry out the training, thereby no further costs arise for you, thereby no further costs arise for you. We need only a room for the instruction.


The time varies depending on the number of training modules.

Circle of participants

The instruction is aimed at all employees and supervisors in your company.


Proof of training

Please contact us. We will be happy to advise you.