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Training load safety and Refresher

When transported by road, forces occur which have a very strong effect on the load. In most cases, the frictional force alone is no longer sufficient to hold the load in place and it starts to slip. Slipping can damage the package or, in the worst case, other packages. Cargo damage in Germany amounts to an estimated several hundred million euros annually. But it can also happen that a load damages the transport vehicle and may even fall off the vehicle, endangering or injuring other road users.

Through load securing training, you will familiarise yourself with the legal and technical regulations and learn to understand the physical laws that make load securing necessary. This includes knowledge of the stability of the transport vehicles as well as the performance and possibilities of the load securing equipment (e.g. lashing straps).

Schedule of the training

We will come to your company and carry out the training, thereby no further costs arise for you., thereby no further costs arise for
you. We need only a room for the training and a vehicle for demonstration purposes.

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1. day: Theory (theory language level B1) and practice

Circle of participants

The training is aimed at:

responsible persons
business owner

Participants should have at least language level B1.


Certificate of attendance


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