People always ask themselves what they want to be. Yet it is so easy to decide what you want. More and more freight forwarders and transport companies are realizing that they can only retain the employees of tomorrow if they take responsibility for training themselves. Not every company has the necessary resources to cover all the training content that is a prerequisite for training eligibility. We offer contract training for such companies. In this case, the trainee professional driver is sent to us for certain sections. This is currently eligible for funding through the Deminis program.
From seminars of several weeks to coordinated periods. Agree with us for which training sections and how long the trainee will learn outside his or her regular company. We also provide support for the C/CE driver's license.

This form of support makes a practical contribution to improving training. "Regardless of the occupation, as soon as training takes place in a network, it can lead to a significant increase in quality, says Margrit Zauner, head of Department II D of the Senate Department for Integration, Labor and Social Affairs in Berlin.

And we support this with our staff, which is trained in logistical and didactic skills to help trainees who may have deficits.

Please ask for a presentation of the concept in your house directly under +49 2742 9591 981.

The accelerated basic qualification is just such an additional form of training that every driver who wants to work in commercial freight transport must acquire.
This authorization for commercial driving in freight transport, you get through the successful participation in the accelerated basic qualification. This training with us comprises a total of 140 teaching units of theoretical and practical training. Participation is completed by a written examination before the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. You should be able to speak and write German, as there is no possibility to take this exam in a foreign language.
You will receive the certificate (IHK) of the successfully completed examination and with this certificate you can then have the "code number 95" entered in your driver's license at your driver's license office (pay attention to new regulations of the driver's qualification certificate).

Contents: - Representing your own company - Maintaining and servicing commercial vehicles - Loading goods
- Checking the operational readiness of the engine and electrical system - Planning and carrying out routes and tours for domestic destinations - Using the drive train, checking the chassis and wheels - Checking the function of the braking system - Transport sequence optimized for the order - Planning and carrying out routes and tours for foreign destinations - Using KOM in regular and occasional transport - Loading special goods Using and operating electronic equipment and more.

Please inquire about available dates and booking features directly at +49 2742 9591 981.

- Annual instruction on the forklift - according to DGUV (German statutory accident insurance).
- One day - refresher course on forklift knowledge - experience was available, but not carried out for a longer period of time. Here a further training takes place, which mediates current knowledge and legal bases.
- Two days - You would like to acquire a new forklift license? Then this is the right place for you. The first day imparts the theoretical legal basics with an examination according to DGUV. On the second day, practical knowledge is also covered with an examination at the end of the day.
- Three days - You would like to acquire a new forklift license, but need a longer period of time to understand the technical terms
correctly? We take our time! The first two days we translate the theoretical knowledge according to the language in German. The 3 days is usually identical to the two-day training.
The seminars can also take place in-house at your company and tailored to your processes.

Please ask for free dates and booking characteristics directly under +49 2742 9591 981.



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