After all, everyone has a goal in mind. Maximum environmental protection with simple habits!

The following thoughts should first be considered as a factual basis:
As of March 12, 2020: there are 7.77 billion people in the world with the 2050 forecast: 9.74 billion people Source: German Foundation for World Population.
The amount of waste generated by 7.6 billion people was 2 billion tons per year. Source: sensoneo.com This corresponds to a daily waste generation of 104kg per capita excluding industrial and other waste components.

Based on these facts, perhaps the fate of the planet depends on the thinking of each individual. We do not want to stir up fears, but waste generation, recovery, recycling and disposal must be thought through from beginning to end. We offer for interested companies the support in the conception of waste up to the assumption of the assignment of the waste representative according to KWG ยง56. EfB commissioning is also part of the offer.

This form of support practically contributes to an improvement of the waste situation. And if we do not take care of it with the necessary attention, we will deprive our basis of survival, even if this sounds very full-bodied.

Please ask for a presentation of the concept in your house directly under +49 2742 9591 981.

Environmental protection begins with thinking ...


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