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1980 Technology - Mechanic (HWK)
Acquisition of technical knowledge in the motor vehicle

1984 Professional driver
Areas: heavy and large-capacity transport, silo transport, tank transport, bulk goods transport, combined transport
(RoLa traffic) tarpaulin and frame structures with articulated trains (turntable as well as tandem combinations) and

1994 Forwarding merchant (IHK)
Acquisition of old (e.g. GFT) and new (e.g. cost and performance accounting) forwarding
Leading positions in logistics and workshop

1997 Logistics trainer (IHK)
Taking on trainees in the logistics
focus on young people who are difficult to integrate

2002 Founding of neifer services Provision
of services in the logistics sector (monitoring of social regulations, helping to shape a positive image, um)

2005 Preventive fire protection and BEH (FW and DRK)
Extension of knowledge in fire     protection at the fire brigade
and operational first aid for security in the company

2008 EFB responsible person, waste officer and occupational safety (entrepreneur)
Managerial activities in waste management with entrepreneurial

2014 Data protection officer and occupational safety specialist (BG Verkehr, BGW and BGN)
Transition of neifer services to reunas workplace safety
Focus on advice on legal security in companies in the field of occupational safety

2017 Instructor for load securing and industrial trucks
Training activities to support the reduction of accidents at work

2018 Member of the German-Philippine Chamber of Industry and Commerce
Member of the VDSI (Association for Safety, Health and Environmental Protection at Work)

2020 Member of the BKF examination board - professional drivers

Through regular and mandatory further training, the professional competence is constantly expanded.


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S. Occupational medicine: DGUV - Gulliver Theis, Scheurlen, Jannik
Becker, Wolfgang Bellwinkel/OSTKREUZ/HVB
S. Imprint: Antje Siemon
S Environmental protection: istockphoto - neifer

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