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 For decades, experience in occupational safety such as Employer’s Liability Insurance Association for Transport,  Employer's Liability Insurance Association for Health Services and Welfare Care is available. The areas complement each other in the training of young people up to the consultation of the management. It goes without saying that environmental protection and data protection do not stop here. All areas are intertwinded and must bei communicated in a sustainable manner.
Only then do we move developments forward with dynamsism. Let us change sovereignty for the better with a smile. Develop with you on a secure future of tomorrow.


The Occupational Safety and Health Act obliges the employer to carry out an assessment of the working conditions and, within this framework, also to assess the hazards. How is an employee also supposed to know the hazards of any operation? The hazards are determined, appropriate measures are derived, these are checked for their effectiveness and adjusted if necessary.  The risk assessment is therefore the protocol and thus the basis of all operational action in matters of safety and health at work.

Saving fuel should not be the only goal of driver training. So should reducing wear and tear and accidents as well as damage. The most important factor for the success of a company is its employees. In-house training and qualifications for employees are therefore of fundamental importance. How else can you make decisions if you don't know why you are making the decision! "We've always done it that way" would be the worst possible advice here. After all, technology and regulations are always changing. And this is where a professional driving trainer comes in.

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